Expert massage treatments

La Stone Therapy

Basalt stones are heated to 140ºF and placed on the body and used as a massage tool. Deeply relaxing, excellent for injuries and psycological stress.

1 hour 30 mins
45 mins Back treatment
45 mins Clothed massage
30 mins Shoulder, Scalp and Facial Massage

Therapeutic Body Massage

We offer you a variety of expert massage techniques for stress reduction, accupressure relaxation and deep tissue detoxification. Allow our skilled massage therapists to design the ideal combination of techniques and give you the perfect massage!

60 minsdivide

Aromatherapy Massage Treatment

Rebalance, revitalise and relax with our therapeutic Aromatherapy Treatment. A gently soothing massage using blends of pure aromatic plant oils to calm the nerves and restore the most tired bodies!

30 mins (includes back, neck & scalp)

1 hour 30 mins (includes entire body)divide

Indian Head Massage

Balances the mind and body, promotes physical and emotional well-being. Promotes relaxation, releases anxiety and aids detoxification.

45 minsdivide

Stress Therapy Treatment

A deep and revitalising massage for stressed and anxious clients. Includes stress reduction advice.

30 mins (Back, neck & shoulders)

55 minsdivide

Ear Candles

Good for balancing pressure in ears, forehead and sinuses. Soothing for headaches and stress. Relax and enjoy whilst receiving a head and accupressure massage.