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Jan Marini

Jan Marini products are known as cosmeceutical and are the advanced range of treatments we offer at Body and Skin Care. For those clients suffering acne, pigmentation, ageing or wishing to achieve higher results with their skincare regime. They provide skin treatments rather than a purely cosmetic effect and are only available from highly trained therapists, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Please note all clients must have a consultation.
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Cesta Antioxidant Facial

Using a combination of Vitamin C and DMAE,a potent antioxidant and cellular mediator,skin becomes measurably firmer and tighter through collagen stimulation.

1 hour
(course of 6 £250)

Age Intervention Regeneration Facial

Provides immediate skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.This facial hosts powerful anti ageing - anti inflammatory properties,using the new red wine extract Resveratrol.

1 hour
(course of 6 £250)

Glycolic Peels

Used in high concentration to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.Excellent for anti ageing,acne,sun damage and pigmentation.

Course of 6 and small homecare kit

Course of 6 and large homecare kit

Age Intervention Peel

Using Proteolytic enzymes and Glycolic acid this advanced peel firms,tones and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

35 mins

Age Intervention Enlighten Peel

Targeting pigmentation,this peel incorporates Retinol,Kojic Acid and multiple skin lightening technologies for maximum improvement with significant anti ageing benefits.

35 mins divide


A simple and serious skincare range. All Dermalogica products are alcohol, fragrance and mineral oil free. All our skincare treatments are carried out in individual quiet rooms with heated couches emphasising relaxation and making tension release our priority.

All facials include massage of hands/feet and can be customised with mini 15 minute treatments.

Face Mapping

We examine all zones of the skin and complete a personalised prescription with samples. Clients that wish to purchase products we recommend are given a 15% discount. This is a complimentary service that will also enable us to choose the correct facial treatments too.

30 mins mini facial
60 mins classical european facialdivide

Hydroxy Acid Skin Exfoliation

This uniquely gentle professional skin exfoliation treatment, smoothes and softens the skins texture and appearance. The combination of fruit enzymes and hydroxy acids gives visual results after only one application.

60 minsdivide

Multipower Vitamin Repair Facial

Highly active hydroxy acids, vitamin A and antioxidants improve skin texture, elasticity and tone.

60 minsdivide

Revitalising Eye Treatment

Using special eye serums, pressure point massage, cooling masks and prescriptive eye creams to relax, decongest and tone the eye area.

30 minsdivide

Add on Mini Treatments

Customise your Facial Treatment by adding one of these for only £10.00!

Diagnostic Back Massage
15 mins
Foot and leg Massage with exfoliation
15 mins
Mini Eye Treatment
15 mins
Mini Hand Facialdivide

Depilex non Surgical Facelift

A low level micro current stimulates the cells in the skin, tones muscles, increases skin circulation and detoxification to give a youthful bloom.

1hr 15mins
Trial Session